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1 an angry disturbance; "he didn't want to make a fuss"; "they had labor trouble"; "a spot of bother" [syn: fuss, trouble, bother]
2 disorderly fighting [syn: scuffle, tussle, dogfingt, rough-and-tumble] v : annoy continually or chronically; "He is known to harry his staff when he is overworked"; "This man harasses his female co-workers" [syn: harass, harry, chivy, chivvy, chevy, chevvy, beset, plague, molest, provoke]

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  • /ˈhæsl/, /"h

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Hassle () is a location in Närke, Sweden, where a Celtic treasure was found in 1936.
It comprises a large bronze cauldron which contained two Bronze Age swords of the Hallstatt type, a pommel of bronze, two bronze buckets with ciste a cordoni, two small hooks of bronze and twelve large circular bronze plates with fittings of iron. All of the items were imported.
The cauldron belongs to a special kind of cultic cauldrons usually found in Italy and Greece, while the buckets are of a kind found in southern and central Europe.

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ado, agonize, altercation, anarchy, apologetics, apologia, apology, argue, argufy, argument, argumentation, bandy words, barney, battle, beef, bicker, bickering, bother, brawl, broil, brouhaha, buffet, bug, bump heads, carp at, casuistry, cavil, chaos, choplogic, clamor, commotion, confusion, contend, contention, contest, controversy, cross swords, cut and thrust, defense, discept, disputation, dispute, disturbance, donnybrook, donnybrook fair, dustup, embroilment, endeavor, essay, fabulous formless darkness, fight, flyting, foofaraw, foul-up, fracas, free-for-all, fret at, fuss, fuss at, give and take, grunt and sweat, have it out, helter-skelter, henpeck, hubbub, huff and puff, hurly-burly, join issue, knock-down-and-drag-out, license, litigation, lock horns, logomachize, logomachy, make a row, melee, miff, misrule, mix-up, moot, morass, muddle, nag, nibble at, niggle, paper war, passage of arms, peck at, pell-mell, pester, pettifog, pick at, pick on, plead, polemic, polemicize, polemics, polemize, pother, quibble, racket, rampage, rhubarb, riot, rough-and-tumble, roughhouse, row, ruckus, ruction, rumpus, run-in, scramble, scrap, screw-up, scuffle, set-to, shindy, snafu, spar, squabble, stir, strive, striving, struggle, take sides, thrash out, to-do, trial, trouble, try, try conclusions, tumult, turmoil, tussle, undertaking, uproar, verbal engagement, war of words, whirl, wrangle, wrangling, wrestle, yap at
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